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Were all or some of the three teenage boys who all mysteriously disappeared in three different locations in southern Norway in December 2001 and later found dead murdered?

2020.06.29 22:18 rdwo97 Were all or some of the three teenage boys who all mysteriously disappeared in three different locations in southern Norway in December 2001 and later found dead murdered?

I originally posted this to /norge (here, in Norwegian). However, I think it merits international attention. In December 2001, three young boys disappear in this peaceful Scandinavian country in less than a month. They are all found dead not long after, police rule that no foul play had taken place, and the cases totally forgotten. Nothing has ever been written in the Norwegian media about the cases ever since. Nothing. However, as you can see, there are many circumstances that are very strange in at least two of the cases. Norwegian police aren' exactly known to be persistent in their work. The possibility that they have been happy to "close" cases as accidental deaths to avoid further work is definitely plausible, and it's no exaggeration to say that Norwegian detectives in 2001 were not on par with the FBI. As an example, a 2011 death of a 9 year old girl was ruled and closed as a suicide - three years later the case was revisited due to a whistleblower police officer, and the stepfather convicted for murder.%20ble%20funnet,politiet%20saken%20som%20trolig%20selvmord.&text=Politiet%20mente%20DNA%2Dfunn%20flere,til%20drap%20p%C3%A5%208%2D%C3%A5ringen)
Below you have a Google translation of the post in /norge (translating manually will take too long). I'd love to hear your thoughts on these cases.
In December 2001, three young boys disappear under similar circumstances in southern Norway. Everyone has been to a party, drunk, and found dead outdoors some time later, under unclear circumstances. One of the cases has been investigated as a murder, but later abandoned. The other two have circumstances that make it possible to ask whether the police have investigated the cases well enough.
Night until December 2, 2001: Jonas Fredbo (16) from Sandefjord is on a class trip in Hemsedal. He and two friends go to the Storehorn Aparthotel in Ulsåk in a cab to party. Jonas lives at Hemsedal Inn. At 2 o'clock in the night, they are asked to leave, and Jonas is left to argue with the doorman while the comrades go. It is the last safe observation of the boy. A few months later he was found dead several kilometers away, in the forest opposite Ulsåk - in the opposite direction of Hemsedal center, where he was going, in dense pine forest
The same night that Jonas disappeared, a young boy was handcuffed in the same hotel after a confrontation with the doormen, and carried away in a van and knocked up, before finally being able to get himself out:
There were 30 doormen/bouncers from the same company in Hemsedal this weekend. A charge was later taken against three or four guards for bodily harm and kidnapping for the incident that night:
A short time later, it comes to light that the cops have been investigating the case as a homicide. A named person from Sandefjord, who this weekend had been in Hemsedal, had been investigated in the case and had suspected status. His car had been examined by four dogs, all of which indicated that the car had been used to carry a corpse. It is not said, at least not directly, whether this was one of the doormen:
The case was dismissed as "no criminal offense proven" despite this. The police could not rule out that something criminal had happened, but could not prove it.
Since 2002, the case has been quiet, and one or more killers may be on the loose.
Night to December 22: Magnus Stangeby Hasleto (19) from Sandvika is on christmas leave from Military Police School, and is DJ at a party with 400 participants in the BI basement in Sandvika. He is last observed at. 03.30 when he gives a good night hug to a girl. Two weeks later he is found dead right by, in the Sandvika River. The autopsy report shows he drowned. The result of the autopsy means that the police will not investigate the matter further.
However, that conclusion is very thin, considering the other circumstances of the case.
The police theory was that he had tried to cross the river to take a shortcut home. That is quite unlikely. For those familiar in Sandvika, he was found between BI-park and Leif Larsen's road. Magnus lived at Valler. There is a bridge right by in the same direction as he should go, and where he was alleged to cross the river it is only a steep slope up to Leif Larsen's road. Not a place to cross the river.
Also, there was no ice on the river that night, but open. Then of course it is quite unlikely that he may have tried to cross the river.
He was only dressed in a t-shirt when found. He had left his sweater and jacket on the night out. The temperature this night was 12-14 minus degrees. Who puts out on the way home without taking either sweater or jacket?
Even more special is that he also did not bring the bag he had with him where he kept CDs for his DJ. The bag contained so many CDs that it was so heavy that he needed help getting it on. The value of the CDs was estimated at a total of NOK 50,000. The bag was not to be found on the premises, it had disappeared. Some time later, the bag was found locked in a locker on the spot, after the person who locked it in had advised the police about it, a week after the news of the disappearance came out. However, the CDs were not to be found in the bag. These were handed over to the police at a later date by another person, who is unclear whether was properly questioned.
The deceased was described as a person who had been in several quarrels before and could have a provocative manner. About. half a year in advance, he had been threatened to be killed on the Internet. He had reported the case to police, but later withdrew the report.
The night he disappeared he was in a quarrel with a boy gang at the night out, who had perceived him as cocky. He had been threatened with being beaten up several times, and had even told others who were present that he thought someone would come get him. The boys were thrown out. Police identified the boys, who had no other alibi than each other's explanations that they were traveling back to Oslo and had afterparty after being thrown out of the place.
Despite all these mysterious circumstances, the case was put to death after the autopsy report came. No media has ever written more about the case. It still deserves closer attention. There is something that does not agree that this is a mere drowning accident.
December 27: Lars Gillesen Hogsnes (17) from Tønsberg is at a private party in a residential house on Nøtterøy. At 22.30 he puts on his jacket and leaves the party, without even saying. He is found dead in the sea a few months later. The autopsy report showed he had drowned and the case was not investigated further.
Lars had talked about going to a pub in downtown Tønsberg, but his friends thought it would be natural if he told him he was leaving. He was also not observed on the way to the center.
During the period around the disappearance, several sightings were made of suspicious dark cars that stood still and / or followed younger boys in the area. On one occasion, a boy was tried to be dragged into a car by strangers.
I have not found as much detail about this latest case as the previous two, so it is not possible to correct the same suspicion that something that has not been investigated well may have happened here. But it is special that a boy suddenly disappears from a party without saying, and is later found dead in the sea some distance away.
What is weird is that there are three almost identical disappearances in less than a month, with fatal outcomes, and partly the circumstances of at least the first two cases. There are too many red flags for this to be "common" disappearance cases where full persons with poor judgment freeze to death or in a river.
Does anyone remember / know the cases better than what I have managed to bring up in the media archives, or have any thoughts on the cases?
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2017.08.23 06:00 Apolojuice [Group Research] "Gibbo", from Overclockers UK

I don't have the time to go through all the rumours and videos and articles from the past 2 weeks.
But what I can remember myself (not hearsay, I remember seeing it, hearing it myself) is that:
  1. Gibbo from OCUK was the one who "leaked" the rumour that RX Vega 64 had "over 100 MH" about a week before the RX Vega 64 launch. (I made a joke that it was actually 200MH)
  2. OCUK was the one who photographed themselves with a pile of RX Vega 64 (there was a hamburger involved, somehow) with an explanation that they had about a thousand units ready to go.
  3. Gibbo from OCUK was the one, (and so far, the only retailer who bothered to reveal their business name.) who told Gamers Nexus that "AMD one-day rebate" business that made all the other youtubers as well most of the internet to blame AMD for the increase in price. (This I remember from GN referring to Gibbo, and others referring to GN referring to Gibbo) Gamers Nexus singled out Gibbo and OCUK, to relay the information from other retailers who remained nameless.
That's what I can remember myself, please feel free to correct me or add anything. I'll edit this post so everyone can have the most up-to-date information.
I don't like how hard it is for me to put events and facts in order and blame the right person in this shitfest.
Links & Screenshots:
The Gamers Nexus article that started this.
OCUK's Vega information for their internet forum.
A Norwegian retailer independently states that their MSRP will be limited.
Sweclocker had a similar findings and Gamers Nexus
Conclusion: For now, this space is intentionally left blank.
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2016.04.25 15:38 Dumbgecko TPD Guidance by country

There will be a full write up on the TPD at an EU level here but I've not had time to pull together all of the details, I will be updating throughout this week and ongoing while this is implemented so expect lots of changes and formatting and me generally tinkering!
This isn't a thread to discuss the TPD (We know its worthless sadistic shite and there will be more of those!) This is purely for our sidebar as a resource and to give information for individual EU countries and trying to clear the fog that surrounds individual EU countries implementations.
If you have any useful information drop it in the comments and we will add what can be verified. Sources should be from government departments, advocacy groups or official statements regarding the TPD.
"May FSM have mercy on our souls"


(work in progress)
These are the minimum regulations required in every EU country
  • 2ml tank capacity
  • Notification for all ratio's and nicotine levels available costing individually based on country
  • Limitation to 20mg strength
  • Limitation to 10ml bottles
  • Leak free filling (this looks to outlaw the vast majority of refillable and all rebuildable products, to be replaced by e-cigarettes with the same generic and standardised filling mechanism).
  • 6 month wait period from notification to sale.
  • Advertising bans
worth considering this truly is the minimum, all countries are allowed to go considerably over this in their implementation.
Link to the directive itself
Link to EU guidance
If you are interested in the failure of the Appeals against the TPD the documents are available here

Quick reference table thanks to vonck7


DUTCH TPD,google translate
This is a follow up on:
What have they done?
Regulated the bare minimum needed to implement the TPD & delegate most implementation details to the ministry.
For example:
  1. Images of a container or an outer package aimed at consumers in the European Economic Area must comply with the requirements under paragraph. The Minister may set further rules with regard to the provisions of the preceding sentence.
  2. The package of an electronic cigarette and a refill containing a leaflet. Our Minister establishes rules on the content of the leaflet.
What is beyond the TPD?
Age limitation : 18+ for nicotine containing liquids/ecigs
The advertisement rules are more strict, ecigs are completely equal to normal tobacco.
Only "specialist shops" may show e-cigs outside of their packaging.
"specialist shop": 10m2+, 90+ products, or existed before may 20th 2016
Dutch vendors did not view the advertising part the same way as I did, they 're sure they can just use 0 nic tastebars etc.

Netherlands final-proposal on 0 nic.

We knew this was coming, but there was no consultation. It is about what we expected.
0-nic liquid & 0-nic cigalikes wil be a "related tobacco product"
18+ age check
Same advertising rules as on tobacco&vaping
no more free samples. (free tastebar)
information leaflet mandatory
+need more time to analyze if max bottle size is really 10ml
TPD restricted additives are not banned for 0-nic (caffeine, vitamine etc)
It's worse than the UK, but compared to many other EU countries it's probably better.
Probably because this law is extremely light on details, everything is delegated to the ministry : they will issue an AMVB to fill in the gaps (General Measure of Policy) The ministry is restricted to practical regulation / the implementation of law, they're not supposed to invent new barriers beyond the TPD
Ask here if you want to know more.
Ministry/implementation (TPD)
Ripped directly from post thank you vonck7


Appears to be the bare minimum requirements of the TPD



No information but keep track of We appear to of been granted an extention to october 1st 2016 for implimentation



Keep up to date here link to DADAFO


This is what was sent to the Finnish government to get the TPD going. Whether it'll all hold true or change in any form, I can't say just yet. But it's what we have to go off right now. Translated from Finnish to English.
Update and copy from nicomir " 15.8.2016 was the day when Finnish people cant buy 20mg+ nic eliquid from anywhere anymore. After 1.1.2017 all crossborder sales are banned. Only base liquids (0mg), flavor concentrates come through + all the DYI stuff. Only tobacco flavors are allowed to be bought within Finland."


Suspension of the royal decree further imformation on the TPD reqired


The new German law for tobacco products in all its glory. The first link contains the actual law and the second one the first batch of secondary legislation, which specifies norms, testing methods, banned ingredients, etc.
"Gesetz über Tabakerzeugnisse und verwandte Erzeugnisse"
"Verordnung über Tabakerzeugnisse und verwandte Erzeugnisse"







Lithuanian version:




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2014.10.22 13:13 llsll Malmö Atletico Madrid på.nätet live. stream.

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Atletico Madrid vs Malmo Live Stream - Watch Free
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2014.07.19 09:18 Knutepunkt My Rollercoasterride to Seattle

It started a few months back, around the time right after all the TI tickets were sold out. At this point in time, the idea of attending TI wasn’t even in my mind, but one day a friend of mine told me that he had an acquaintance that was looking to sell two TI tickets he had gotten from his sponsored team. The Dota2 scene in Norway haven’t started to blossom yet, so this guy - let’s just call him Jack - was playing together with friends on the other side of the atlantic ocean. Turns out that two of his team members weren’t able to go to TI, so he had two tickets he wanted to sell cheap to some norwegian players so he had someone to travel together with.
Having these tickets so easily attainable made the idea of going to TI grow inside me. I talked a lot to Jack, not only about the tickets, but about everything else as well. He seemed like a nice person, and we had a few mutual friends on steam, so we sometimes also partied up and played together. The fact that he had two tickets made me take it up to discussion with my friends as well. So Limex, a good friend of mine soon told me he wanted to join me for the event. He had already planned a holiday with his parents to the states, so he would just ditch them for the last week and come to Seattle and meet me for TI instead.
So well, we decided to buy the tickets from Jack. I exchange contact information, Facebook, and bank-info with him. We decided to book flights “together”, so we spent some days looking for the cheapest way to get there. We both stumbled upon the same flight, so we decide to both book that one, since it clearly was a cheap option. I gave him the money he requested for the tickets, and felt like everything was done right.
As we were getting closer to the date of departure, we started to discuss how we would get to the airport. The plan was to take the shuttle bus together, but a friend told me he could drive me there, since he was going to wake up early and head to the same direction anyway. Picking up Jack would make things more difficult, so he just decided he’d take the buss alone and meet me at the airport 2 hours before our flight leaves.
So, I get to the airport - look around me for a while in hope of seeing him, but I see him nowhere. I go and check in my baggage, hoping he would show up in the line, but still didn’t see him. After my baggage was successfully checked in i tried to call him - but got taken straight to voicemail. Thinking he was just outside of cellular coverage, i went through the security check and to my gate to wait for him there. As the time goes by I keep calling him, this time the call doesn’t go to voicemail, but he doesn’t pick up. I log on steam on my computer, and I find a teammate of him and ask him if he knows anything about whats going on. he tells me Jack just woke up and is playing on an alt account. I see him online on Facebook as well, but he is not replying my messages anywhere.
Up to this point of the story I actually though i had made a new friend. Jack seemed like a nice guy, and after getting so much information about him, i couldn’t really believe that this guy was actually a scammer that had completely fucked me over.
My 16hour travel from Norway to Seattle now mostly involves creating a reddit thread about my situation and asking for help. There’s a few people telling me they might have a ticket to sell me to help me out, but the process of transferring them is stupid and hard, so it will be both time and money-consuming.
I keep updating my thread, and keep getting replies. Some people are nice - telling me they would help me in some way or another, and some people are douchebags - calling me an idiot for trusting someone i hadn’t met in person.
The first thing I do when I get to Seattle is to check in to my hotel, and then hurry over to Key Arena to talk to them. I gave them the ticket number for the tickets and Jacks full name. Nothing was in their files, and they said that it must have been a counterfeit ticket and there was nothing they could do about it. So well, there was nothing for me to do but to go back to the hotel and keep looking for answers on the internet.
So this is where the story turns around. A few days before the travel, i found a Facebookpost from Cloud9 about a “Meet & Greet with Alliance and Cloud9” they were going to have in Seattle this thursday. I’m a big fan of both the teams, so naturally I signed up. (And from what i’ve heard later i was really lucky to get tickets, since they were gone pretty fast.)
So the day after my arrival I go to the Meet & Greet, which was located in a small restaurant sponsored by Logitech. It was a really nice and intimate event where you got to talk to every player and management from the two teams. After taking pictures and getting stuff signed, the players were just walking around talking to all of us. I told my story about the scam to Loda, and he said that he was going to see if there was anything he could do to help me out.
So a few minutes later, the manager from Cloud9 (Young Kim), and Kelly (Loda’s Girlfriend & A’s Manager) brings me outside the restaurant to talk to me. Loda had told them about my situation, and they wanted to hear my story as well. After telling them, they both said they wanted to help me and do what they could to get me and my friend new passes for TI. I got their contact information and was informed to contact them when I got back to my hotel, and so I did. Kelly had by this time found a friend of hers that had a spare GA pass, and Young had been in contact with Valve and managed to get me a complimentary pass. I met in front of Key Arena the next day, and Young came out and gave me the pass. Kellys friend emailed me about his extra ticket, and said he was happy to give it to me after hearing my story. I met him, and he was just as nice as the others. (Big shoutout to Jordan)
I’ve been contacted by a Norwegian newspaper that was interested in hearing my story, and i’ve talked to people that knows Jack in real life whom have told me that he has been in trouble with these kinds of things before. I’m reporting the scam when I get back to Norway, but for now - I’m going to enjoy the rest of my stay here.
I’m so happy everything turned out as it did. Not only did all my problems get fixed, but i’ve made friends and connections i could only dream of. These guys are absolutely fantastic people, and from what i've noticed from meeting other popular people from the dota2 community - I must say that I think we, the Dota community, got a good thing going here.
Sorry for wasting your time with this massive wall of text - I'll go sleep now.
+ Small Bonus Album of what i’ve been up to the last two days
TL;DR: [A]lliance Loda and Kelly, and Cloud9’s manager (Young), helped me get back on track after traveling all the way from Norway to Seattle with counterfeit tickets after being ditched by my scammer-“friend”.
*Edit: Some minor changes. Also, im featured in one of Norways biggest newspapers, (Dagbladet)
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2012.04.18 15:09 tabledresser [Table] IamA Norwegian girl who stood 200 meters away from the Norwegian Government building as it blew up the 22nd of July, AMA.

Verified? (This bot cannot verify AMAs just yet)
Date: 2012-04-17
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Link to my post
Questions Answers
What did you first think it was? What did you do right after you heard the bomb go off? First I thought it was some sort of demolition gone wrong, and I tried to remember if there were any scheduled demolitions or something in that area. Also, from the sound of it, it sounded like it came from the Oslo Central Station, which is about 500 meters south of the Government building, but since the Central Station is a very tall structure, I suppose it reflected the sound or something.
Right after the bomb went off, I started talking to randoms on the street, and (jokingly) arrived at the conclusion that someone must have blown up the Government building. A surprising number of people were laughing, some even said we had it coming for our involvement in the Middle East and such.
Then my mom called. She told me to get out of town as soon as possible, which was difficult since all public transportation had ceased, but aforementioned friends had a car, so it worked out.
This is pretty much what I thought. I was down by the Central Station (by Børsen) and everything shook. Then my mom called, she used to work in Høyblokka (the blown up building) and she saw the smoke from north in Oslo. Breivik hadde jo planlagt flere mål, men grunnet pengemangel fikk han ikke laget nok bomber... Aftenposten, arbeiderparti-bygget, NRK, og så videre. Hadde de sprengt arbeiderparti-bygget, kunne jeg nok kanskje vært død nå. Jeg stod foran McDonald's i Storgata, liksom. Ekkelt å tenke på. Jeg dro jo rett opp på en skogfest like etter smellet, og ei venninne ringte meg og fortalte at det var en gærning på en øy som dreiv og skøyt AUF-kids, og at i alle fall ti var døde. Jeg trodde først hun tulla, sånt skjer ikke i Norge, liksom. Deretter kom det fler og fler folk på festen, alle hadde med seg nyheter. Uff, det var grusomt. Kjente du noen på Utøya?
Then I went home from work and a friend came to pick me up about an hour and a half later. We were driving to Asker, and loads of police cars passed us on the freeway going out of Oslo. We were really confused. Then we got to his place and saw the news. So bizarre and wierd..
How do you feel about stopping Anders Behring Breiviks defence speech from coming on Norwegian TV (only being filtered through quotes and people commenting on his quotes)? I understand how some people might not want to hear it, but they are free to turn off their radios and TVs.
I think anyone should be allowed to defend themselves, no matter how much we disagree with them. I am disappointed that Breivik isn't given the same rights as everyone else, and it undermines the Norwegian people's effort to remain civilized after the bombing. (Civilized: Not going all USA on people, being suspicious of EVERYONE, arresting random people for looking funny at police officers, etc.)
(Civilized: Not going all USA on people, being suspicious of EVERYONE, >arresting random people for looking funny at police officers, etc.) As a United States citizen I would buy you a beer if I had the opportunity. Well said :) I'll hold you to that!
The phrase and the implications of "going all USA on people" scares me for more reasons than I can reasonably articulate. This amuses me more than I can reasonably articulate.
I'm an American that wants to move to Norway! :) Do it! You won't regret it.
It's hardly normal for a public trial to be broadcast at all, and it really would be exactly what he wanted. Everything he says will be made available for anyone interested in due time--as is normal for a public trial. A public trial for a public massacre.
I totally want to try some långfärdsskridsko. Well, you won't get those in Norway, because that's Swedish;D.
Norwegian: Æ, Ø, Å Swedish: Ä, Ö, Å.
Oops, I screwed up ... I meant long distance river skating. I think långfärdsskridsko means long distance riding shoes.
I might be wrong, though. Norwegian and Swedish are almost the same, with a few exceptions that makes communicating with them hilarious.
Edit: I think 'skrid' means 'avalanche', or something like that.
Avalanche is 'skred' in Swedish, not 'skrid'. 'skrid' means proceed or glide. Aha! I am wiser now.
*Greetings from Austria. Aksel Lund Svindal is awesome, I root for him over most of our skiers, but Anders Bardal had to be the most lucky ski jumping overall world cup winner I have ever seen. ;) I don't watch the ski races, but it's nice that you're rooting for our athletes!
"Green party" som i MDG? Jepp.
You are claiming the labour party took advantage of the situation? I don't vote labour myself, but fuck you very much! Since you insist: Jail.
What we are discussing, and the only question of importance to the trial, is whether he should be convicted as a criminal and put in jail or considered mentally ill and be hospitalised for the rest of his life. Also, getting angry on Reddit er å bæsje litt på leggen, da.
Pent å høre, samme her! Hvordan kan man ikke stemme på noen som har en gressplen som inventar i boden sin, liksom?
True that. You're still way off. You're the kind of angry person who needs someone to yell at. I've already considered most of your views and concluded that you're seem very educated on the matter and that I mostly agree with you, despite not sharing your opinions before you presented them. I have no desire being right. You, however, seem to hate being wrong and bash people just in case you are.
Which, in this case, you are not. I'm just sayin', bro.
Wow. Everybody else is either imbeciles (FrP) or evil (Høyre). You seem sane. I could go deeper, but it doesn't matter to you unless you're Norwegian. And if you're Norwegian, you understand where I'm coming from, whether you agree or not.
Du preiker mye sannhet! Elsker det at Herr Båtstrand minner om Mr Tumnus også. For en kar! Som representant for den kvinnelige delen av befolkningen, kan jeg vedgå at Båtstrand har en MEGET vinnende utstråling. Herrejøjemin, for et skjegg.
Enig. Men for et slapt håndtrykk. Har du... TATT på ham? * *,
Do you think Anders had help from "insiders" to get weapons and bullets to help him do what he did? Either that, or he's VERY crafty. And from the current live video feed and descriptions of him, he doesn't seem very crafty at all. More like a stupid teenager proud to front some moronic case that will make everyone know "how awesome he is", or something. But that's just my opinion.
Read your other answers and like them, but in the Breivik discussion most other Norwegian redditors seem to be very different from you. Thanks Oh, what do the other Norwegians say here on Reddit?
Did you know anyone personally that was unfortunately killed during Breiviks spree? I am glad to say I did not. I've heard tons of stories from friends and acquaintances, though.
One good story from Utøya: One of my little brother's friends, who wasn't even a very good swimmer, carried a wounded friend on his back all the way to the next island. That is a true hero!
I just noticed you typed this, "...or anything else regarding Norway...". I watched five minutes of one episode, didn't care for it. That being said, I'm not the target audience. I'm bored whenever there are no spaceships, swordfights or dinosaurs.
What do you think about the TV show "Lilyhammer?" You need to ask someone else!
Many people in America tend to depict Norway as an almost utopian place where there is beautiful mountain countryside, no crime, good economy, little poverty, and a government that listens to it's people. Is Norway really like that? (Besides the time of the attack happened) Beautiful mountain countryside: Yes, full of ass-backwards people who vote for FrP (what Sarah Palin would be in if she was Norwegian) because they don't like foreigners and paying taxes. But yeah, the mountains are amazing, and everyone should visit Norway some time just to see them, especially during summer.
No crime: Little serious crime. We have our assault rapes and bank robberies, our drug dealers and car thefts, but on a daily basis Norway is almost crime free... If you don't count ents, trees and those who distribute it, whom I don't consider criminals at all. (Pro legalization, ofc.)
Good economy: Hells to the yes. But people expect you to have money, too. So that if you're poor, you're suddenly not worth shit, even if you have a home and don't starve. Poverty in Norway isn't dying of hunger, it's being left out. I think this worst for children.
Government listening to people: Haha, really? No government I know of does that. The Norwegian government (owned by the Labour Party) doesn't give a shit about the people. IMO.
Thats the last straw. I'm moving to Norway. Have you ever been to Flekkefjørd? My great grandfather is from there! :D. It's called Flekkefjord!:P And no, haven't been there. And yes! Come, come, Norway is pretty much awesome. At least compared to most places.
What's your opinion on Blitz? Been there a couple of times, and MAN, they are a mad bunch of bitches. Mad as in angry. It seems to me they just hate everyone who isn't a blitzer.
If you need a place to hang out that doesn't throw you out if you don't pay for a 39 kr latte, I suggest Hausmania. Nicer people, better food (in my opinion) and the atmosphere is just... freer.
Hey since you are here, how cold does it get in June in Norway? I'm gonna take a trip past Bergen and on to the atlantic road... but I'm planning on camping. Wondering how bad of an idea that might be. I was just in Oslo last weekend and it was -1 and ice rain in the morning. I have actually been in Bergen, so I don't personally know what it's like during the summer. Rainy, I've been told, but that's all.
But Norway CAN be pretty warm in June. If you're lucky.
As a former Oslo resident i totally disagree with my fellow Norwegians statement here. Blitz is a REALLY welcoming community regardless of race/looks/tastes. They do however judge you quite heavily if your political viewpoint is too far right =) I have attended concerts there, those were really nice. But on a daily basis, I feel like it's sort of a secret club you weren't supposed to know about.
And well... If I vote, I vote Green Party, other than that I tend to be mistaken for an anarchist. I don't know what to tell people, though. Not really sure what I am, but I am VERY certain I do not challenge the common Blitzer's world view.
Starvin' Marvin should visit both, in my opinion, and make up his own mind. Perhaps he likes aggressive punks. I prefer relaxed hippies!:)
Last year in Trondheim, a city in the middle of Norway, we had temperatures as low as -30C during the winter and somewhere around +30C during the summer. With tons of rain and snow and shit, of course. Never a year without snow, rain and sludd and slaps and sørpe and holkeføre and neglsprett.
Did it deafen you? For a second, but I don't know if it was panic or actually being deaf. I heard that high pitched tone (you know what I mean) but I do that whenever I'm scared shitless.
For future reference, what you were experiencing is called tinnitus (if I understand correctly.) Ah! I knew that. I just forgot.
EDIT: Seriously people? Downvotes? It's ok to help people if it doesn't sound like they know a term for something they're describing Why do I get it when I'm scared? Any theories?
It's something that develops gradually. Usually not too noticeable when you're young. When I'm old, I'll just grow myself a new ear in a petri-dish. Complete with hairs and eardrum and everything.
just for formalities, do you have any proof of who you are (it can be confirmed with the OPs if you want to be anonymous)? There's been some fake AMAs lately, I'd be sad to see this be another one! The only proof I have is my own facebook status from some hours later... I'm sorry I can't prove it. I understand if you choose not to believe me.
Do you think Norway is a county worth moving to? Do you think think foreign people have a hard time adjusting to the Norwegian culture? Do people speak English on a daily-basis in Norway? If you're from a country where people speak on the bus or actually touch eachother without one party feeling harassed, you might not like Norway. Everyone stands a few feet away at the bus stop, we don't kiss when we greet someone and if you talk to strangers, they think you're crazy. Once you get to know people, though, they are nice. Oh, and Norwegians hardly ever apologize for anything, like stepping on your foot.
People younger than 50 are usually able to speak a full English sentence, but old people usually only speak Norwegian, and sometimes German. Younger people are very proficient at speaking English, mostly thanks to gaming and pop culture.
I'm curious why do old Norwegians talk German? I don't know. I just made the observation that they usually speak German before English. With that said, the majority only speaks Norwegian.
Oh, and Norwegians hardly ever apologize for anything, like stepping on your foot. "Oh, did I step on your foot?" "Yepp." "Would do it again." Haha! I wish!
1.) How do you feel about the trial not being broadcast to the public? 1: It was the only way, when the case affected the public this much. I am glad we know what's going on.
2.) Are you afraid something like this will happen again? (or that he has inspired more people to carry out more acts?) 2: I am, actually. But that's the traumatized part of me, the part that stood in Storgata and saw the smoke speeding down from the Government Building. I don't know if other people are afraid too. I just jump whenever I hear thunder.
As an American, I'm so impressed with the way your country has worked through this -- introspection rather than violent lashing out at other countries to feel better about yourselves. We could learn something here. Best of luck. Everyone can learn from us, I agree. Most other countries would declare war on something or someone and spend their resources accordingly. Here we bought roses at marched down the street.
Link to And congratulation to your country on how you handle the situation. I don't speak much German, so I can't confirm what he's saying, but I can confirm what I see. And it seems accurate, yes.
The date of my birth. How long did the shock last? Thanks to a bunch of friends living downtown, I was talked down from the shock, so it only lasted about half an hour... But I was shaky for a week, and every time I hear thunder, or demolotion or things falling... Flashback!
Thats terrible. Im interested in Norway so im going to go off topic and hit you with some stereotypes out of curiosity. What are your religious views? Do you listen to metal music? Have you seen Trollhunter, did you like it? I'm an atheist humanitarian, I think. I'm very skeptical by nature, but always open to at least investigating new ideas.
I did listen to metal before, but now I'm more into electronica, for some reason.
I saw Trollhunter, and I liked it - but Otto Jespersen (the protagonist) is a comedian, not an actor, and it shows.
Awesome, thank you for indulging my curiosity. Did not know that about Otto Jespersen, then again how would I. Great AmA. Very interesting/informative. One more. Whats the best Norwegian film you've seen that you would suggest? *Fatso (Foreveralone virgin is forced to live with hot Swedish chick) *Mannen som elsket Yngve (Commie kid exiting the closet) *Elling (Adult aspie's mother dies, he has to move out) *Svidd Neger (black kid grows up in rural Northern Norway, thinks he's Sapmi)
Do you believe in elves? Do you know anyone around you who does? Sorry, no elves. I know people who believe in them, but... That's because they're hippies. High as fuck, trippin' on DMT and shit.
Thank you. Now I wonder how hard it will be to get ahold of these. Ahoy, I know a bay where the wenches are wet and the grog is golden...
A DMT trip lasts only 15 minutes and I highly doubt someone would be even able to talk during such a trip. Yeah, but they are able to talk afterwards.
I've never ventured to those waters. I don't oppose it, just never have. First time for everything? Yarr, matey.
of all, Norway rules! You guys love fish and metal music, thats cool! Haha, I came to Reddit, I think I'm pretty relaxed about insensitivities.
of all, what was the immediate aftermath like? I've always wondered what it would be like just after a bomb went off.. were people screaming and running, was it like a movie? Sorry if its insensitive, just really curious! Fire alarms went off in all buildings, smoke emerged from the bomb site and filled the city, people were screaming, kids were crying, everyone who'd been inside the buildings rushed out, filling the streets. I saw a woman who bled from her head, I think she was hit by glass from the imploding windows of a nearby 7Eleven. Didn't look serious, though.
Do you agree with the judge that recently got removed the case that Breivik should face the death penalty? I don't agree with him, and saying something like that on Facebook (or wherever it was) when you're the judge is bloody stupid.
So in USA, we are told that "this can happen to us" (and sometimes it does). After that attack, does Norway have that "this can happen to us" attitude, or does it just seem like something that happened and probably won't ever happen again? I haven't encountered any of that "this could happen to us"-attitude. Perhaps it's just not in us. Hooray!
Mental note to use "daft as bread" in the future. Also try using "born behind a barn". Northern Norwegian expression describing someone who's beyond retarded.
Has this become Norway's equivalent to 9/11? How do you think this is going to affect pop culture/public conscience in Norway? I think it might be an equivalent, yes. It has already begun to affect public conscience in that discussing negative aspects of immigration has become more taboo, and even the police has stated that they encourage people to inform them if anyone's having "dangerous opinions".
But it's not bad. At least not yet, and it will never reach American proportions.
Pop culture has already sung most of its songs about it, but mentions of it are everywhere. The newspapers hasn't been writing about anything else for almost a year, it seems.
Now I'm also confused on your penal system, is Brevik facing a lifelong sentence in prison or is there a chance he could end up exiting prison in the future? We could keep him in custody indefinitely, I think.
You seem very opinionated, borderline prejudice, about some of the things you've mentioned in your replies. You used some strong language about both the labour party and the progress party. What caused you to form these strong opinions? Do you think they are objective or subjective? I am a subject, therefore my opinions are not objective. I never pretended they were. I did not make this thread pretending to be an ambassador for Norway, or anything. Feel free to disagree with me.
Labour Party: The usual, broken promises, corrupted power structures, Mafia-like handling of internal disputes, involvement in some pretty dirty business (some are actually conspiracy theories), and so on. The Progress Party: The vast majority of their voters seem to lack comprehension of the way society works. For instance, you can't make everything cheapebettefastestronger while lowering taxes. You can't throw every Muslim immigrant applying for citizenship out of the country, because not all of them are angry, fundamentalist men who wants to rape women and live on state benefits.
I read the FrP manifesto(is that the right translation of parti-program?), and compared to those of the other parties, FrP used FAR more single-syllable words and short, simple sentences. It was as if they were targeting 9th graders, or (ironically) people who don't speak Norwegian very well.
These are a few of my reasons why I don't like AP (Labour) or FrP (Progress).
Just to give people an idea of how powerful the bomb blast was, I live about 15-20 km away. Even with that distance and hills/mountains between me and Oslo, I still heard a loud rumble when it went off, and even felt some light tremors. I assumed it was just powerful thunder. Can't imagine what it was like 200 metres away. You didn't know anyone on Utøya, I hope? I did not, but some of my friends did. My little brother's best friend was there, but he survived.
Do you know who fredric aasbo is? Hes the man. Sorry to answer my own question. You know my homeboy Fredric Aasbo? Shiiiit, son!
No, I don't know him. Do you know Carl?
What do you think the public sentiment is on "multiculturalism" in Norway? When I visited Oslo it didn't seem any more diverse than anywhere else in Europe, maybe less so than many cities. The Norwegian sentiment on multiculturalism varies from place to place - the most important factor in forming an ethnically Norwegian person's opinions about foreigners (I think) is whether or not he or she has access to other cultures. I'll give a few examples, since I've lived a lot of places in this country: - - - 1: Rural coastal town in Northern Norway with one asylum housing about 50 people: "Them foreigners come here and steal our shit and rape our women. I wish they'd just go back to Niggerland and spread their AIDS there in stead." (I've hear people say things like this.) - - - 2: Worker town in south-eastern Norway with ghetto suburbs: "Well, some of them are nice, some are criminals, I like the ones who are nice." - - - 3: Oslo West: "Oh, they're so adorable, look at their funny clothes." (Or so I've been told) - - - 4: ... And in the Eastern parts of Oslo most people get along.
Also do you personally think Anders is insane? Do Norwegians think that the potential for him to be put in psychiatric care is a good thing or would they prefer prison or maybe even the death penalty if it was an option? I don't think he's insane, I think he's stupid. Literally - he lacks knowledge about almost everything he's stating as reasons for the attacks. He seems proud, almost - as if he's fronting a case he thinks is 'cool'. Showing off, doing gestures in court, etc - he thinks he's awesome. He's like a teenager. Most people want him to go to jail, because they - like me - don't believe he's crazy. And even if he was, I think they'd prefer him going to jail. Many would like to see him killed, but I honestly think that if people had the chance to kill him, they'd just pity him and slam him into some jail cell and let him rot there.
How popular is the right wing sentiment that Breivik bears in Norway or Europe in General? I did see support for Breivik in many forums. Ofcourse, the majority were oppposing, but i definitely saw support for him. It is as you say. A minority supports him, but most people don't. I don't know what else to say, you put it best yourself:P.
Are you following the trial closely? I'm not reading every article, but I do pay attention, yes.
Do you know any live streaming sites? streamed live earlier today, I don't know about now.
What were your initial thoughts as to what happened? Actually - As soon as I stopped thinking it was some sort of demolition gone wrong, I thought somebody blew up the Government Building. And I was right.
What do you feel about multiculturalism? Some people automatically decry his acts of violence but then they.........sympathize with his reasoning. Every culture is a multiculture. A culture is a gathering of people who exchange ideas, and even though they might - ethnically - be similar, everyone has different viewpoints. The sum of everyone is a culture, and a culture exists thanks to multitude. A culture where everyone thinks, believes and wants the same is called a mono-culture. (Like when you go to Mongolia and find a Starbucks next to McDonald's and people listen to Justin Bieber on their Sony Ericsson Xperias)
Hence, I am for CULTURE. And a culture without new impulses is harmful to those it envelops. We need new people, new ideas to bring the world forward.
However, we must be allowed to point our fingers at dangerous ideas and tell those who advocate them that we will not have it. For instance - American views on health care would ruin Norwegian society. As would Islamic ideas of female submission, South-Asian work ethics (they work 'till they drop, and the West abuses this), Russian corruption, and so on. Every culture has something good, every culture has something bad. We must not exclude people, but we may exclude some of their ideas.
Sorry for the long rant, but I trust you know what I mean.
Are right wing propaganda networks allowed in Norway? (Things like Fox News, radio shows like Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin, etc., fear mongers.) Yes, they are allowed. Like in any other country.
But the NRK (Norwegian State Broadcasting) is more or less owned by the Labour Party, and most of the other TV/radio channels are bought and paid for by commercials, which means that they mostly won't raise political issues, fearing they'll lose viewers.
Norway is a predominantly socialist country, which means that the media also favors the Left. Unfortunately, right-winged news sources tend to be pushed out of business by the Leftist Media - or so I'm told by those who favor the 'blue parties'. We have reason to worry if this is true, but I can neither confirm nor disprove it.
How does it feel to know that the asshole behind all of this will only get 20 something years? I have trouble believing he'll run smiling out of the prison in 20 years, no matter the outcome of this trial. And even if he does get out, he'll be banished to a cabin on a windy mountain somewhere and CLOSELY monitored for the rest of his life. I'm not too worried, actually.
Would you date an American? I've always liked Scandinavian ladies. Personally, what I care about when it comes to a man's nationality, is whether or not he'll be going home to stay anytime soon. I can't do long distance.
Hilsen fra Norge :) Det må ha vært forferdelig å være så nærme bomben... Glad for at du slapp at noen du kjente døde da :) Hvorfor var du i Oslo da bomben gikk av, bor du der? ________________________ Greetings from Norway :) It must have been horrible to be so close to the bomb... Glad you didn't know anyone that died though :) Why were you in Oslo when the bomb went off, do you live there? Yes, I live in Oslo. I was downtown because of a job interview, but... for obvious reasons, that never happened. And I'm glad, really. Would have sucked to get that job anyway:P.
It was horrible, but the memory of it is more like a movie than my other memories. Can't explain it, it's like watching myself from the outside.
Lika du potetball? /m eller uten sokker? Nope. "Do you like potato ball with or without socks"...
Do you like potatoballs with or without sugar ^ Liker du potetballer med eller uten sukker? would be right.
I ...was testing you? :P My written norwegian is terrible :( I know! I just corrected you, so you get better!
Maybe it's tactless to joke, but did you act anything like this? Yes! In that I didn't actually SEE the explosion. And joking is never tactless!
Why do the Norwegians hate whales so much? I'm ancestrally half Norwegian. I'm from Alaska and grew up with locals who hunt whales. I've eaten whale. But when I browsed Norwegian corners of the internet (admittedly this was 15 years ago). I was surprised at how pervasively some Norwegians liked to just kill whales. It seemed a common perception at the time. Is this just Norwegian knuckle-dragging by a few? I like whales! But I'm voting for The Green Party, so...
I don't think that would be the case if it wasn't for the party in the forest. Then I'd just be a scared, nervous wreck. I have to say, I don't know how I'd react if he was shooting at me or anyone I knew personally. Closest I come to the massacre, was my brother's best friend, who survived without a scratch.
If I ever get out to Norway, we're hanging out! Sounds like just the way to follow up such a traumatic experience, letting it all go! And yeah, it was awesome. Add me as a friend and tell me if you ever come to Norway!
I am glad that you aren't suffering any long-term PTSD symptoms, and also read some of your other comments and am thoroughly warmed by your attitude that even this man deserves a fair trial. Way to be awesome :) Everyone deserves a fair trial. If we start exempting people from that rule, we're heading down a slippery slope. Suddenly you don't deserve a fair trial because you've got a different faith than the majority, or something.
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